About www.ClinicalDepression.blog


Welcome to my site! I’m glad you are here. This blog is to inform and educate about clinical depression, otherwise known as major depressive disorder. I have been diagnosed with this illness and I have suffered through many years of its debilitating symptoms.

I am not a doctor so I cannot give medical advice. Please see your local healthcare provider for more information on receiving treatment for depression. When medical news is new and informative I will write a post about it and post it. If you are in an emergency situation right now please call 911 or your local emergency number if you are about to hurt yourself or others.


Depression is undertreated and this is a sad thought. It is difficult to go through episodes of depression alone and it is quite serious. It is an invisible disability, but its symptoms are most certainly real; there is no shame in getting help. Suffering from major depressive disorder is not a moral failure or a matter of not being strong enough to will your way out of it.

For many people, their depression episode(s) are from a chemical imbalance that can be treated with medication and therapy. For others it may be because of difficult or traumatic life experiences and they need to know how to manage their symptoms.

Many people who are famous are speaking out about breaking the stigma of mental illness. Thank God for them for being brave enough to talk publicly about it; its not easy to let others know that you suffer from a mental disorder. I have included a section about celebrities to honour them and for encouragement for people reading this blog.

Thank you again for reading, I hope you find this blog informative and helpful. Please leave questions and/or comments on the blog post pages.